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blue-green-algae.jpgWe are now Tachyonizing certain herbs, vitamins and minerals which have been proven to have a direct influence on specific organs or systems. These Tachyonized biological nutrients can directly influence a specific organ or system with the rejuvenating and balancing effects of Tachyon Energy. Tachyonized Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae is one such product. It is the outcome of years of research. Through a joint venture with Gabriel Cousens, MD and David Wagner, Tachyonized™ Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae is here!

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The natural process of product evolution is going to change the world! It is the development of Tachyonized™ organ specific tools. This breakthrough has opened the door to one of the most significant applications of Tachyon Energy for healing thus far. We are now Tachyonizing certain herbs, vitamins and minerals which have been proven to have a direct influence on specific organs or systems. These Tachyonized biological nutrients can directly influence a specific organ or system with the rejuvenating and balancing effects of Tachyon Energy. Tachyonized Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae is one such product. It is the outcome of years of research. Through a joint venture with Gabriel Cousens, MD and David Wagner, Tachyonized™ Klamath Lake Blue-Green Algae is here!

Since 1990, Dr. Cousens has been independently testing Tachyonized™ tools. His insights and research as a medical and nutritional expert have helped to evolve many of Advanced Tachyon Technologies’ current products. Dr. Cousens has been doing research with Klamath Lake algae since 1982. In the report below, Dr. Cousens highlights some of his research findings.

"Algae from Klamath Lake, whose technical name is Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which I call KLA, is very exciting. It has many general health promoting properties including the ability to help us increase our mental and physical energy. It is also very helpful in detoxification. It has been shown to boost the immune system and stop colds and flus when used at the onset of symptoms. It may also have the ability, according to the implication of some animal research, to protect us from radiation. In one study it was found to be one hundred times less affected by radiation than Spirulina. It seems to have healing effects on the skin for wounds, abrasions, and even acne. Victor Kolman, the original researcher who made KLA famous, reported to me in a personal communication, that his research in India, on leprosy, found the KLA to be highly effective both when taken orally and applied locally in the treatment of leprosy. Although these are fascinating properties of the KLA, its most outstanding property is its positive effect on the mind-brain-nervous system function.

It is one of the few algae which are harvested in their natural state. I have visited Upper Klamath Lake several times and it is beautiful. It is one of the few remaining alkaline lakes on the planet. The algae harvested from the northern and western end of the lake is virtually pristine. It has a very high mineral concentration due to volcanic ash deposited in the area 7000 years ago. The water contains 60 times the nutrients needed for it to reach its full potential. This KLA is harvested directly from the lake where it grows naturally on the surface and will bloom up to three inches thick.

I have been fascinated by KLA since 1982. Blue - green alga has been around for three and one half billion years. It is a primitive food which contains the highest food energy, highest nutrient values, and uses up the least amount of the planets resources. Collectively, the world's algae supplies 90% of the world’s oxygen and potentially 80% of the food. One of the other advantages of the blue-green algae is its position at the bottom of the food chain. The higher up on the food chain one eats, the higher the concentration of the herbicides, pesticides, and radioactivity one ingests. Flesh food, for example, has 14 times more herbicides and pesticides than fruits and vegetables. The blue-green algae are a significant life force on the earth. Algae were the first plants to use sunlight to perform photosynthesis and make their own food from the environment. Over the last three billion years, algae have transformed the planet into a life support system for us complex, multi-cellular organisms.

Gram for gram, KLA is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. People often confuse KLA with Spirulina. Generally speaking, the nutrient profiles are roughly similar between KLA and Spirulina. They are both full spectrum nutrients. Spirulina however is significantly higher in GLA, phycotenes, protein, and beta carotenoid concentrates. Both have neuropeptide precursors, but KLA has much higher overall concentration of neuropeptide precursors. This may also be a reason why KLA appears to have such a significantly more positive therapeutic effect in people than the Spirulina does when general mental function seems sluggish. 

KLA has about seven times more human active B12 per gram compared to spirulina. The KLA human active B12 amount in one gram equals the daily B12 needed for people. Spirulina is the second most concentrated vegetarian B12 source on the planet and has 250% more than an equal weight of liver and has 14 times the daily B12 needed in 100 grams. No vegetarian has to ever worry about not getting enough B12 in their diet if they are taking KLA.

The real value of KLA, however, is not in its nutrient concentration or even its high concentration of neuropeptide precursors, but in its amazing positive effect on the mind-brain-nervous system in general and specifically on its ability to enhance the pituitary, pineal, and hypothalamic function. KLA is an elixir for the brain-mind complex. According to my clinical experience, electro-diagnostic testing and auricular acupuncture research with another physician, KLA was specifically found to enhance the hypothalamus, the pineal and pituitary glandular function. These master glands in the brain are associated with the higher subtle spiritual centers. KLA is the only vegetarian food source or concentrate that I have found which enhances and corrects the function of the hypothalamus. This is important because many subtle endocrine imbalances are associated with a malfunctioning hypothalamus. It is difficult to correct this adrenal, thyroid, pancreas and other endocrine imbalances without correcting the hypothalamus function. Because of this, KLA is a boon to vegetarians.klam-5-tachyon.jpg

My first exposure to KLA was in 1982 after returning from a year in India where I had been taking Spirulina on a daily basis. I took some KLA just before I started an all-night dancing spiritual chant. I was astounded how easy it was for me to stay focused, clear, and blissful the whole night. I was one of two people out of hundreds who were able to dance through the whole night. As a researcher I was fascinated by the potential of the clinical observation. KLA could be the elixir of consciousness I had been searching for! 

Over the years, people taking KLA have consistently reported an overall increase in their mental alertness, mental stamina, short and long term memory retention, problem solving abilities, creativity, dream recall, enhancement of the visualization process, and a greater sense of well-being and centeredness. Some meditators feel that KLA helps enhance brain synchronization and helps them move easily into the relaxation of the alpha state and therefore meditation.

In my work I have directly experienced that the KLA has an extremely high effect on the subtle organizing energy field that regenerates mind, body and immune forces. Subtle organizing energy fields (SOEFs) are the energetic templates, according to my theory inSpiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, that are the matrix upon which our physical and subtle bodies are formed. When these SOEFs are highly organized we get an anti-entropic effect. When there is little energy going to the mind-brain complex, these SOEFs become unstructured and entropy takes place. Entropy leads to aging and disorganized DNA/RNA function, decreased cellular function and organization, and therefore, decreased brain function. KLA is one of the best foods, if not the best food, for energizing the brain SOEFs and therefore enhancing brain-mind function in about 70% - 80% of the people who use it. When brain-mind function is enhanced and energized, the whole nervous system works better and the person experiences improved energy and health in all their cells, organ systems and in fact the entire body.

Because of the enhanced SOEFs, the KLA would be expected to have healing effects on the brain-mind complex. Clinically, I have seen it have an anti-depressive effect on a significant number of people. In two cases, autistic children began to talk within one month of beginning its usage. I was made aware of this early in my use of KLA when one of my first patients, who had been chronically depressed for most of her life, snapped out of her depression one day after beginning treatment with the KLA. These unique cases supported my understanding that the KLA has some specific effect on brain energies and functions.

I have found, in a clinical setting, that it has helped people who are depressed by bringing them to a more elevated and positive mental state. It seems also to help balance the blood sugar. I find that people, whose emotions are fluctuating because of hypoglycemia, frequently benefit from using the KLA along with a hypoglycemia diet. I have also observed that people, who do extensive meditation, including myself, have been benefited by taking the KLA. It seems to create a certain amount of brain energy that allows for clarity of the mind and perhaps makes it easier to move into alpha state and other states of meditation.

I have also observed that for people, who are doing high stress work, requiring a lot of mental attention, it helps them keep more focused and their minds clear while they are doing work over an extended time. However good it is for brain-mind functions and increasing general energy, I do not recommend that people use it as a substitute for healthy living or as a substitute for getting adequate sleep. In the other hand for people who have intense exam schedules or have a particular intense weekend or workshop that they are either attending or giving, it is an appropriate supplement or nutrient to take in higher doses to support their activity. It can help them function at their highest level of their mind-brain capacity.

One of the more outstanding effects of the KLA is its long and short term memory enhancing qualities. There are innumerable people in their forties and fifties who had begun to experience a decrease in the power of their memory. With the use of KLA they reported the return of their memory to normal function. Presently there is a common belief that there is no cure or amelioration for the degenerative process called Alzheimer’s. Because I have personally experienced and witnessed, in my patients, the brain function enhancing qualities of KLA, including memory, I became interested in exploring its effect on Alzheimer’s disease.

For my research, which was published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medical Society, I choose two individuals who had well documented Alzheimer’s disease. These were people who had obvious deteriorating mental function. I evaluated them over a period of one year. One of them who essentially were not able to care for herself at all had a significant improvement over a six month time. Her memory improved and on the physical level, she had moved from not being able to dress herself to being able to put her clothes on, although sometimes backwards. She was able to walk a straight line and to stand almost straight. She began to talk coherently and was even able to concentrate on TV.

The second case involved a 64 year old lawyer from the Midwest who was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s after a series of neurological and psychological tests. Before he had come for diagnosis his intellectual functioning and memory had significantly decreased. He could no longer perform his work or remember what transpired beyond 15 minutes. His IQ was measured at 92, significantly below that of the average lawyer.

He was put on the same protocol of the blue-green algae as the first case. After one month his wife noted a cessation of the degenerative process. After 12 months she had noted no further obvious degeneration. However, there was no significant return of lost function. The patient’s wife was quite pleased with the results and feels the foundation of a solid husband-wife relationship had been preserved. His stable condition was upset when his wife discovered that Spirulina was cheaper than KLA and began to give him Spirulina instead. Once off the KLA, his Alzheimer’s condition began to rapidly deteriorate. The degeneration was slowed down when she put him back on the KLA. This little unplanned experiment highlights the difference in effect of KLA and Spirulina!

These two cases do not prove that KLA cures Alzheimer’s disease, but suggests it may be possible to temporarily halt the progression of the disease and even partially reverse it. It would take a comprehensive study to make any definitive statements about its effects on Alzheimer’s. As of yet, no study has been done.

In addition to the theory of KLA energizing the SOEFs, I hypothesize that it may activate neuronal synaptic connections. This effect may enhance all brain function, and show up more strongly when brain-mind function has been compromised.

This is some of the more exciting clinical experience, research, and theory that supports my belief that, as I pointed out, in the Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet book, that "the blue-green algae has a specific enhancement of the mind and brains subtle organizing energy fields." And that "it seems to particularly activate mind and brain functions." At this point I feel very comfortable recommending this nutrient to clients who are interested in clarity of mind for meditation, busy office work, treating a sluggish mental state, improving memory, and for trying to stop and hopefully reverse, to some extent, the process of Alzheimer’s disease. I am very enthusiastic about the use of the KLA and expect over the years that more and more data will be gained to more specifically support my experiences with patients who have benefited from KLA. One of the most interesting pieces of information on the effect of KLA on brain-mind functions was a research project done with school children in Nanaime, Nicaraqua. The children eating the algae in the study group experienced significant changes in their nutritional and mental status.

At the beginning, 72% of the children had an excellent or good school attendance record (0-3 absences per month), which improved to 93% in the following six months. The percentage of children with an unsatisfactory school attendance record (4 or more absences per month) dropped from 28% to 7%.

The behavior variable also showed significant improvement for those children consuming the algae. For example, 48% of the children in the test group initially showed a hyperactive behavior and 43% were not participating in class. These percentages significantly decreased to 13% for each by the end of the six months. At the outset of the study in June, 52% of the sample group was evaluated as unsatisfactory to fair (with a grade scoring of 0 to 69). After six months, the number of children in the unsatisfactory to fair group decreased to only 20% of the total. Conversely, at the beginning of the study, 48% of the group tested as good or excellent, and by the end of the six months, this group had grown to 80% of the total.

The implication of what this means is another question. Previous general research has shown that an improvement of nutritional status usually improves general health and academic performance to some extent. The interesting question is that the one gram of KLA given per day represents approximately .005% of a normal diet. It is hard to believe that increasing the nutritional content of the diet by .005% could have such a dramatic effect on nutritional state and school performance of these children. I hypothesize that the significant improvement in nutritional state and school performance may have more to do with the prana or energy for the brain-mind complex than for the .005% increase in nutritional impute created by the KLA. For example, protein deficiency is one of the most common causes of malnutrition. One gram of KLA would only be supplying slightly over one half a gram of protein to the children whose general need is between 20 - 40 grams. This would represent one fortieth to one eightieth of the nutritional need.

My hypothesis is that the KLA supplied a prana for brain-mind activation, which increased the whole system’s ability to function and think, as well as to assimilate the nutrients eaten. Although KLA is an optimal human profile for amino acids, an increase of 1% to 2% of protein intake would not necessarily produce such dramatic and positive results if it were only just acting physically to supply neuropeptide to enhance brain-mind function.

This data, interpreted in this way, suggests that the main effect of the KLA on the brain-mind complex is one of energizing the brain SOEFs: a sort of brain-mind elixir or tonic.

We can say from clinical experience that the KLA has a significant brain-mind enhancing energy. It is a boon to anyone who wants to enhance creativity, the ability to think clearly, improve memory, maintain high levels of concentration and focus for extended periods of time and improve their ability to meditate.

On its own, KLA is an extraordinary super food. David Wagner, of Advanced Tachyon Technologies International, and I decided to take the use of KLA to another level of function. We have decided to Tachyonize™ it. The Tachyonization™ process is one in which a product is placed, for a period of time, in a special chamber. This instrument of Tachyonization was invented by David Wagner, and has been successfully used by him for seventeen years to Tachyonize products. This process changes the biological material of the KLA at the sub-molecular level, so the KLA becomes an antenna, i.e. a conductor of the Tachyon Energy.

Tachyon Energy is an omni-directional energy which moves faster than the speed of light. It arises out of Zero-Point Energy, or the virtual energy state before it condenses down to the speed of light. The Tachyon Energy is prior to vibrational energy, but carries all vibrations. Its direct effect is to reverse the aging process by energizing the subtle organizing energy fields (SOEFs). These SOEFs are the templates for all levels of organization in the human body, from the subtle to the cellular and organ levels. The more organized a cell or organ is, the healthier it functions, and the younger it becomes energetically and physically.

What we have discovered is that when a Tachyonized nutrient either activates or is in high concentrations in a particular gland or organ, it essentially converts the organ into a Tachyon antenna which then draws the Tachyon Energy to itself. Specifically, by Tachyonizing the KLA, we create the situation which allows the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal gland to become Tachyon antennas. This greatly enhances and rejuvenates the function of these higher centers, bringing greater health and rejuvenation to the whole brain and body function.

Our clinical research with Tachyonized biological nutrients shows that one needs about one half the amount of Tachyonized KLA (TKLA) to get the same effect as the greater amount on non-Tachyonized KLA. The real value of TKLA is immeasurable, yet in a world that revolves around the energy of money, it’s nice to know that you get more from TKLA for a price that, per serving, is less that non-Tachyonized blue green."

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Blue green algae
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great product..felt it immediately.. will buy again

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Blue-Green Algae = Superb Nutrition
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I myself and many clients use this on a regular basis. We use energy/muscle testing in our practice to make sure our clients get the optimal products for their uniqueness. The Tachyonized Blue-Green Algae very, very consistently increases the base line energy testing results with everyone tested to date. It becomes an integral part of most of our 

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