Nanna Beth Bolling Foundation

                                               Nanna Beth Bolling May 6, 1935-July 7, 2021 Rest in Peace

                                                     Nanna Beth Bolling was an Extraordinary and gifted Scientist. In her life she became an Amazing Healer with many modalities in her quiver of expertise. She became an Advanced Tachyon Technologies Practitioner in the 1990's! (That's how we met.) She always gave her kindness to those in need, abused, animals and shelters, Habitat for Humanity, Smiles, and many, many individual people. 

Her amazing work  and gifts to humanity will continue through us! Her Legacy continues on!

If you know someone who needs assistance with our many gifts, please fill out the form below for our consideration. Thank you for helping us help Humanity! Blessings, Nancey Glass, Founder,

Nanna Beth Bolling Foundation Application

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