PSI Research
The following report was written by Michael Coyle and Christine Baillie, and was performed in 1992 using an SE-5 Biofield Spectrum Analyzer.

Summary of Report:
Testing was conducted to determine both the positive and negative energetic effects displayed by two products. 
Evian water, a well known product, was tested in order to provide a control by which to contrast the other product, which was tested. 
The other product was TW-4 Tachyonized Water(distributed by Advanced Tachyon Technologies).
Both products were found to be excellent quality waters with high bioenergetic potentials, with all negative effects falling well within acceptable parameters. 

Testing Results:

Bioenergetic potential Sample Source Signal Amplitude Test conducted Evian water222% TW-4 Tachyonized water 1,558,000%

Explanation of Terms and Measurements Scales:
Bioenergetic (or Biofield) measurements represent resonance signals, which exist in the subtle, sub-atomic fields of energy. These energy fields structure the formation of matter. 

Signal Amplitude indicates the strength of the signal being generated by the sample being tested. 
The Bioenergetic Potential category would have to be above 85% to be acceptable. All others would be required to fall below the 10% range to be deemed acceptable. 

PSI Research is an independent testing laboratory. One of the primary endeavors of PSI Research is to utilize subtle energy analysis technology and methodology in the area of evaluating products and technologies which may exhibit high bionenergetic potentialities, in order that these may be made available to the general public for the betterment and advancement of mankind.


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