TachyonizeMe.com is an independent company providing  PATENTED . PROVEN. 5G PROTECTION products and protocols that have assisted humanity since the 1990's. With Wellness as our background, we have the many years of research and validation that makes a difference to our clients and customers. We offer many products that are Patented and Proven and making a difference around the world. You need protection from the many challenges that 5G brings to the human body energetics that have been proven to be challenging to the body and health. Animals and plants are also effected with the continued energetic challenges our technology in today's world has delivered. We need the technology to survive in our times. We also need to be protected so we survive the challenges the technology brings. Health has changed drastically around the world with these technologies SINCE 2G, 3G and 4G began and with over 10,000 scientific white papers and countries taking it out of the schools, there is a reason! 

TachyonizeMe.com is here to help you protect yourself and your family and still thrive in our modern world. This website is here to provide you with the products that protect you and give you a higher quality of life today and tomorrow! 


Please contact us directly to build your specific needs bundles for your current challenges be it PHONE , HOME, OFFICE, SCHOOL  and  electronics, physical health issues, or wanting to raise your Spiritual Enlightenment. WE have the products and the  ONE AND ONLY PATENT for TACHYONIZION and our extensive background to bring you a lifechanging upgrade!  

YOU WILL FEEL THE DIFFERERCE! today and tomorrow

~ Nancey ~Founder ~Tachyonizeme.com

OVER 400 PRODUCTS TO PROTECT YOUR Phone, Computers, Clothing, Health and Nutrition and Spiritual products to UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE TODAY AND TOMORROW! 

Greetings,  this is Nancey, founder of TachyonizeMe.com, a website created to help you receive the highest of health transformation and protection for our future. As a multi-dimensional healer throughout my life, working with many modalities, inventing my own products and protocols, it's always, "How can I be of the highest of service for this person?,for me. I started with this product line in my practice in the 90's and on myself from my own healing experiences and they have always helped. Until now, I was only using the physical products, not taking them internally. WOW! What profound differences it has made in my health and recovery of many injuries and chronic health issues that nothing else seamed to touch. So, I had to help YOU discover this amazing New Life for yourselves and our protected future! (See technology information below) II you want to have the best life you can get physically, spiritually and energetically...Then I say, TACHYONIZEME! In Love and Blissings, Nancey

Personal Protection comes first with these gorgeous and unique designs to liven up your style and protect your health today and tomorrow.

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 8 designs in this style Unisex-Mix and Match all ages 

Enlarged for detail
5G Blue Lace
J    Up YOUR Game with

    5G/EMF Protection Jewelry   


$90 plus tax and shipping  Local delivery upon request

 5 Choices to mix and match

Kirlian Photos of Hands

Measuring the biological effects of Tachyonized WaterTachyon and Kirlian Study of Hand

These  photos are part of an extensive research study done at the House of Well-Being in Engetried, Germany. The researchers, Herta and Dr. Hansen, objectively wanted to identify the effects of Tachyonized materials on the human energetic system. 

As can be seen in Figure K.1., the energetic outline of the hands is weak and in many areas the energy isn't even measurable. These energy deficiency areas of the hands and fingers specifically represent energy deficiencies in the body. 

After each client was measured, Dr. Hansen then administered 10 drops Tachyonized Water sublingually and had the client wear a Tachyonized Pendent for a total of 15 minutes. Dr. Hansen then remeasured each client. New measurements captured and made obvious the neg-entropic effects of Tachyon. The meridians were energetically reconnected suggesting energetic balance on the physical level.materials 
5G Car Protection 6 Styles in Silver 


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Golden 5G Carmonizer Vent Patented Protection 

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Car Protection

Tachyon Product Star Gate is a perfect meditation and EMF protection tool. View the EMF protection video to gain insights into creating a truly EMF Safe Environment.

TRANSFROM YOUR WORLD! this amazing Patented tool changes the entire energetics and frequency in the Zone! Keep your family or group in a peaceful environment and feel the Vibes! Transform your world...and your world transforms!

Testimonial- Moshe I. Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating 01/07/21 Hello everyone A few words about the experience of a people the Tachyonized Star Gate 8 - 9 cm - Simply the Best Personal Meditation Device on the Planet Relaxing, gives a good feeling ...


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Car Protection System

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Many other HOME protection kits available. 

OVER 400 PRODUCTS TO PROTECT YOUR Phone, Computers, Clothing, Health and Nutrition and Spiritual products to UPLEVEL YOUR LIFE TODAY AND TOMORROW! 


Birth of TACHYONIZATION WAS INVENTED IN 1990 and the only patent still... today in 2024  ...The True Leaders in 5G!

The ability to harness Tachyon Energy, and the scientific world’s ability to prove the outcome, are directly responsible for the Tachyon revolution that is taking place in over 96 countries to date, 2023. The Tachyonization breakthrough harnesses the infinite potential of Tachyon Energy in ways that benefit life on Earth and aid in elevating consciousness.

From invention of the Tachyonization process, Wagner recognized his responsibility to increase the global awareness of Tachyon Energy. He developed The Quality of One™ seminar, which has been changing the way hundreds of thousands of people view and experience life. To fully understand this revolution, it would be helpful to understand Tachyon’s relevance, first in science and quantum physics, then in holistic healing. 
                                                                                                          THE TACHYONIZATION PROCESS:         
 Is not a frequency,  spin manipulation or transfer   
 Is not a high frequency coil technology         
Does not use sound         
 Is not a radionics or SE5 transfer           
Does not use sacred geometry to inform products           
Does not require prayer or meditation           
Is not a photon-based technology          
 Does not use crystals or Orgone technologies           
Does not use magnets  Is absolutely not operator sensitive

The use of Tachyonized products normally results in a natural detoxification, increased absorption of available vitamins and minerals, increased energy for physical activities, increased awareness of subtle energies, increased brain function, increased circulation, and exceptional improvements in athletic abilities and muscle recovery. When athletes use these products, they notice a significant decrease in fatigue, allowing for increased performance .  

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